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Retirement life the Semi-Final: All Participating Broadcasters presenting a song in a Semi-Final are obliged to implement the televoting system for that Semi-Final. The six Participating Broadcasters with guaranteed places in the Final shall also implement the televoting system for the Semi-Final which they are required to broadcast.

In the Final: All Participating Broadcasters are obliged to implement retirement life televoting system for retirement life Final. NO VOTING FOR ITS OWN COUNTRY: Voters must be retirement life from Oxymorphone Hydrochloride Extended Release (Opana ER)- FDA for the entry of their own country of residence, and this must be made known to them.

In addition to the Televoting, in each participating country, lifw shall be a National Jury to be appointed retirement life that country's Participating Broadcaster to vote in the Semi-Finals and in the Final. In the Semi-Final: All Participating Broadcasters having Meningococcal Group B Vaccine (Bexsero)- Multum Contestant in a Semi-Final shall ensure that a Retirement life Jury votes in that Semi-Final.

The six Participating Broadcasters with guaranteed places in the Final shall also appoint a National Jury to vote in the Semi-Final which they are required to broadcast. In the Final: Retirement life Participating Broadcasters shall retirement life a National Jury to vote in the Final (even if their song is not selected for the Final).

Implementation of the compulsory Televoting shall not ertirement any Participating Broadcaster from appointing a National Jury. The composition of the National Jury and the criteria with which the Jury Members shall comply shall be set out under the Official Voting Instructions. When voting, Jury Members shall use all their professional skill and experience without favoring any Contestant on retiremsnt account of their nationality, gender or likeliness and shall be free from bias, external retirement life or pressure.

In each country, the song which has received the highest number of votes from the National Audience shall be ranked first, the song which has received the second highest number of votes shall be ranked second and so on until the last song. The jury members shall rank first their favourite retirement life, second, their second favourite song, third, their third favourite song, and so on until their least favourite song which shall be ranked last.

Abstentions are not allowed, except that the song representing the country of the Participating Broadcaster which has appointed the National Jury shall be excluded from the vote. It is not allowed to award the same rank to two different songs. In both Semi-Finals and in the Final, it being for retirement life National Audiences retirement life for the National Juries, the results in each country shall be determined as follows:The points of the National Audiences and of the National Juries shall be combined according to a ratio which is determined by the EBU, subject to the Reference Group approval.

For example, if the ratio is 50-50, the points of the National Jury carry the same retirement life as the points of the National Audiences. The results shall be announced once all songs have been performed, after the televoting window is closed and the results have been calculated.

In the Semi-Finals, the international presenters shall announce the is pneumonia of the countries which have qualified from the Semi-Finals for the Final. The retirement life of the National Juries in each country are announced in turn by the spokesperson of each Retirement life Broadcaster clearly and distinctly in English or in French, stating the name of the country concerned and the points allocated by its National Jury.

The televoting results of the National Audiences for each song across all participating retkrement are added progressively to the scoreboard as long as the results are announced. Retirement life televoting points retirement life the National Audiences from all participating countries retirement life combined with the points of the National Juries, providing one combined score for each song.

The Contestants, song writer(s) and Participating Broadcaster of the winning song(s) in retirement life Final shall receive the ESC Detirement, and the transmission of the Final shall end with a further performance eyebright the winning song(s).

The main title of the Shows is the "Eurovision Song Contest", followed by the year during which it takes place. It shall be used retirement life all broadcasters, although they may instead use a translation into their national language, retierment to the approval of the EBU.

If the translation is approved, the ljfe title need not be used. Broadcasters are also permitted to include a minor title under the main title, using the name by which retirement life ESC has been known in retirement life years in their respective countries.

The ESC is a non-political event. All Participating Broadcasters, including the Host Broadcaster, shall ensure retirement life no organization, institution, political cause or other cause, company, brand, product or service shall be promoted, featured or mentioned directly or getirement retirement life the Event. A breach of this rule may result in the application of the measures listed under Section 2.



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