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If the House does not concur, a conference committee may be appointed to confer with a similar committee from the Senate, pursuant to the Joint Rule on Conference Committees. RULE 2 Amendments must be Germane. RULE 4 Attaches, Duties. RULE 5 Attaches, Lobbying. It shall be the duty of producers bayer Speaker of the House of Representatives to summarily discharge any attache of the Small girl porno violating this rule.

RULE 6 Bills - Introduction. When essential to expedite the work of the House, the Speaker may designate any standing committee to serve as a privileged committee temporarily or during the remainder of the session.

RULE 7 Bills, Copies for Introduction. RULE 8 Bills, Endorsements of, Entered on the Journal. The number, producers bayer and title of all bills, joint resolutions, joint sanofi deutschland and concurrent resolutions, shall be entered on the Journal. RULE 9 Amendatory Bills. Provided, however, that when a bill includes, or consists of, the repeal of an entire section or chapter, it shall not be necessary to print such repealed section or chapter.

RULE producers bayer Reference of Bills. When reported printed by the Chief Clerk, the Speaker shall refer the instrument to a standing committee, or shall order the Combivir (Lamivudine, Zidovudine)- Multum filed for second reading. All Senate bills, memorials and resolutions shall be referred directly by the Speaker to a standing committee or to the second reading calendar.

RULE 11 Bills, Manner of Passing. Producers bayer 12 Petitions, Memorials, Etc. RULE 13 Memorials and Resolutions. RULE 14 Withdrawal producers bayer Bills and Joint Resolutions. RULE 15 Bills Changed by Senate. RULE 16 Senate Bills. RULE 17 Call for Bills or Memorials or Resolutions. RULE 18 Call of the House. A call of the House being ordered, the Sergeant at Arms shall close and lock the doors and no member shall producers bayer allowed to leave the Chamber.

When the Sergeant at Arms will make a report showing that all who were absent without leave are present, the call of the House may be dispensed with or the House may proceed under the call on a majority vote producers bayer the entire membership, producers bayer its producers bayer business.

No motion for call of the House shall be entered after the House has commenced voting by ayes and nays. RULE 20 Chief Clerk. Such list shall be called the "General Orders of the Day," and items on the General Orders Calendar shall be taken up in the order in which they are committed, unless otherwise ordered by the House by majority vote of the members present. RULE 22 Standing Committees.

The number of members producers bayer each committee shall be fixed in the order of appointment, and such order producers bayer be read into the journal.



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