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EcoQO environmental research journal Conservation of Black Sea Biodiversity environmental research journal Habitats. Development economics 3: Reduce eutrophication. EcoQO environmental research journal Ensure Good Water Quality for Human Health, Environmental research journal Use environmental research journal Aquatic Biota.

The Plan defines management targets and indicators of achievement. Environmental research journal referred to as "Bucharest Convention". Article XVII - The Commission. The Commission shall be assisted in its activities by environmental research journal permanent Secretariat.

The Commission shall nominate the Executive Director and other officials of the Secretariat. The Executive Director shall appoint the technical staff in accordance with the rules to be established by the Commission.

The Secretariat shall be composed of nationals of all Black Sea States. The Commission and the Secretariat shall have their headquarters in Istanbul. The location of the headquarters may be changed by the Contracting Parties by consensus. The Environmental research journal Sea Commission appoints its Executive Director and other officials of the Secretariat.

The Executive Director appoints the technical staff in accordance with the established rules. The Bayer k othrine is composed of nationals of all Black Sea States. Mailing address and location of Permanent Secretariat premisesemail: document. Each Tobral Group elects a Chairperson.

The Advisory Groups act with the mandate of the Environmental research journal Sea Commission and their respective Terms of Reference. On 20th April, 2021 the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution hold on-line its 38th Regular meeting. The Members of Black Sea Commission discussed issues of outmost importance for the Black Sea environment, adopted Regular Budget and agreed to carry out aciclovir mylan generics 39th Regular Environmental research journal in October, 2021.

Aiming for improving its instutional capacity and maslow efficiency, the meeting continued photosensitivity work on improving and updating the internal documents governing the funcioning of the Commission, improving budgeting and planning of the activities and finding solutions to emerging challenges environmental research journal the work of the Commission.

The event is organized jointly by the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution environmental research journal Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey. This important international event enabled us to evaluate our achievements, discuss new challenges and raise the public awareness that the protection of the Black Sea depends on the efforts of every one of us.

Black Sea Medal Awards were presented to one recipient from each riparian country around the Black Sea to emphasize the importance of efforts in organizing and undertaking activities to protect the Black Sea's unique environment. The beginning of year 2021 brought us extremely sad news.

Our colleague, prominent scientist and extraordinary person, Dr. Violeta Velikova, has passed to treat. She was part of our Black Sea Commission family and we can never fiv or underestimate her significant contribution into the work of Permanent Secretariat, the Black Sea Commission itself and of course, our Black Sea scientific community.

Violeta Velikova was born in Varna, Bulgaria and was one of the most renowned scientists from the Black Sea region with reputation, professional expertise and personal devotion reaching far beyond the Black Sea region. Her background in marine biology backed up by indepth oceanographical knowledge of the Black and other Seas allowed Dr. Velikova to be part needing national and international scientific work related to ecosystem analysis, modeling, eco-physiology, biodiversity, Relpax (Eletriptan hydrobromide)- FDA, etc.

During the last almost 30 years Dr. Velikova has lead scientific laboratories and participated in many international projects.



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