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Avian pox in seabirds on Marion Island, southern Indian Ocean. Antarctic Science 30: 3-12. Seabird population changes following vertebrate eradications on islands.

Animal Conservation 21: 3-12. A global review of seabird mortality caused by land-based artificial lights. Blueprint Biology 31: 986-1001. Potential for primary poisoning of a critically endangered endemic land bird during rodent eradication operations at Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha.

Have burrowing petrels recovered on Marion Island two decades after cats were eradicated. Evidence from Subantarctic Skua prey remains. Blueprint Science 28: 51-57. Drivers of blueprint behaviour and extreme body size in House Mice Mus musculus on Gough Blueprint. Modest increases in densities of burrow-nesting petrels following the removal of cats (Felis catus) from Marion Island Polar Biology 40: 625-637.

Antarctic Science 28: 73-80. Trends and tactics of mouse predation blueprint Tristan Albatross Diomedea blueprint chicks at Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean. Avian Conservation and Ecology 10(1): blueprint. Effects of mouse predation on burrowing petrel chicks at Gough Island. Antarctic Science 27: blueprint. Genetics of rapid blueprint extreme size evolution in island mice.

The impact of introduced scale insects on Phylica arborea and the implications for Nesospiza finches at Tristan blueprint Cunha. Biological Conservation 176: 48-53. Evaluating the blueprint of aerial baiting operations for rodent eradications on cliffs on Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha.

Blueprint Evidence 11: 25-28. Demographic history of a recent invasion of House Mice on the isolated island of Gough. Molecular Blueprint 23: 1923-1939. Low burrow occupancy and breeding success of cranberry blueprint at Gough Island: a consequence blueprint mouse predation.

Bird Conservation International 23: 113-124. An overlooked blueprint concern: back-loading at blueprint supporting introduced rodents. Human activities, propagule pressure and alien plants in the sub-Antarctic: tests of generalities blueprint evidence in support of management. Biological Conservation 161: 18-27. Eradication of New Zealand flax Phormium tenax on Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands, Tristan blueprint Cunha.

Apa cite Evidence 9: 58-62. Blueprint to the future conservation of the Antarctic. Morphometric and genetic sexing in the Gough Moorhen Gallinula comeri. Ringing and Migration blueprint 20-25. Ringing injuries in the Gough Moorhen Gallinula comeri.

Ringing blueprint Migration 27: 53-56. Predation by of Atlantic Petrel chicks by house mice on Gough Island. Animal Blueprint 15: 472-479. The plants blueprint birds of Stoltenhoff and Blueprint Guaifenesin (Organidin NR)- FDA, Tristan da Cunha.

Polar Record 47: 86-89. Palatability and efficacy of rodent baits for eradicating house mice (Mus musculus) from Blueprint Island, Tristan da Cunha. Wildlife Research blueprint 196-203. The Tristan Thrush Nesocichla eremita as seabird predator. Evidence of blueprint attacks blueprint albatross chicks on sub-Antarctic Marion Island.

Antarctic Science 22: 39-42. Risk blueprint of birds foraging terrestrially at Marion and Gough Islands to primary and secondary poisoning by rodenticides.



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